Review Fix chats with opera star turned Jazz performer Rose Kingsley, who discusses her new album, “This Is My Life.” After 15 years of singing at the New York Metropolitan Opera House and all over the world, Kingsley discusses her debutalbum and how switching from opera to jazz wasn’t as big a transition as you might think.
Review Fix: What was the inspiration for this album?
Rose Kingsley: The inspiration for this album was the feeling and emotions that I felt for each song,  combined with my rich sound that I felt complimented every song.  My Jazz Trio only added to that dimension which gave the album, as it has been labeled by some , “an album to drink wine and make love to.”
Review Fix: Are there any similarities between Opera and Jazz?
Kingsley: Yes, there are many similarities between Opera and Jazz. They are both music which tells a story with great emotion. Opera is nothing more than that. Most people shy away from opera and feel it is very ‘foreign’ to them just because it is sometimes in another language, while it is the same as a Pop or Jazz song, singing the notes and telling the story. Opera is “Passion” and I feel that whether it be Opera or Jazz ,Passion must be present in the interpretation. If not, than the singer , regardless of the voice, has not done justice to the song. As far as ‘vocal technique.’ I use the same technique in Jazz/Blues/Pop as I do in Opera/Classical Singing.
Review Fix: What does Jazz do for you that Opera can’t?
Kingsley: The one factor that Jazz does for me that opera can’t, is giving me the opportunity to be ‘liberated.’ I can take liberties with rhythms and phrasing  as well as inserting my passion where I feel passion needs to be demonstrated.
Review Fix: How has your career in Opera helped this album?
Kingsley: Being classically trained as an Opera “Diva” gives me a tremendous advantage, as I use no ‘gimmicks.’ Pure, supported breath, ‘speaking the pure words, with emotional sound- that all adds up to great technique. This is what we are always striving for in the classical sound.
Review Fix: What do you enjoy singing more?
Kingsley: Opera is and always will be my passion but so is Jazz and Pop. As I stated before- they are both music, telling a story.  Both are exciting to me. I take my ‘Passione,’ as we say in opera and direct it right into Jazz and Pop.
Review Fix: Bottom Line, why should someone listen to this album?
Kingsley: Listening to this album is going to give the public a chance to hear an album that most people can ‘identify’ with- starting with ‘Here’s to Life’ ending with “This Is My Life.’ Everyone one time or another in life has dealt with a ‘broken heart’ or a loss of a loved one,  a disappointment in a career or a ‘new start in life.’ Every song in this album, in one way or another represents Life.
Review Fix: What’s next for you?
Kingsley: The sky is the limit. I want to share my ‘Gift’ with the world.

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